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Mar 20

Because parking lots are usually the primary thing that visitors to your business will encounter that is why it is essential that they are kept in great condition. Parking lot repair and paver services can help keep the condition of your parking lot, no matter if you're in possession of a small or large size. With so many options for different types of surfaces for you to choose from, we will be able to assist you find the perfect one for your needs!

How can we repair parking lots paving:

We can repair your parking lot with fresh asphalt. The process begins by eliminating any sealant or oil, tar, as well as other materials over your asphalt.

We also repair cracks, potholes, and holes in the parking lot's surface to stop them from spreading before they get too extensive. For repairs to parking areas that are caused by damages caused by water, we opt for an overlay like epoxy overlays made of resin.


How do we repair water damage on parking lot pavement

Water damage can occur to nearly every parking lot and in the event it happens, you might be wondering how much damage you are causing.

We'll first determine the amount of water on your property in order for us to decide what sort of resurfacing substance we need to use. There are a lot of options available our team has vast expertise with the installation of permeable asphalt.


How do you define permeable pavements?

Permeable pavers are paving stones that allow water to flow through them and not pool on the surface.

What are the advantages from permeable pavements?

They also reduce standing water and the issue of running water

- They lower your chances of mold or other kinds of fungus from developing due to the high moisture levels in the parking area.


How do we install permeable paving stones?

The first thing to do is measure out an area that needs repairs so that it can be fixed with new pavers and sealer. Next, we will remove any existing pavers. Then, we make use of a jamb roller ensure a good bond between the older flooring and the surface material prior to installing the rest sections. Once all of the flooring has been set up, they'll require final sealing, which helps protect against developing due to the excessive moisture present in a parking place.


How much do permeable pavers cost?

The cost of permeable pavers is typically higher than other pavers, but they're certainly worth the cost. They allow rainwater to soak through, and then accumulate in sub-soil or gravel then slowly release to the ground, and not flooding areas that may not be suitable for drainage. It is an investment that is worth every cent.


In addition, they are ideal for areas with cold weather or melting snow as the water can run off without causing damage to anything below. The asphalt parking lot is an option that is still popular in terms of smoothing uneven terrain. They will cost less than permeable pavers; however it is possible that there will be problems with maintenance in the future due its vulnerability to cracking as well as large potholes.





Why Choose Port St Lucie Asphalt Pavers Co?

A long-standing record in high-quality customer service

We've offered a range of custom and cost-effective solutions and high-quality and guaranteed effectiveness for clients from diverse industries and communities.

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Port St. Lucie Asphalt Paving Co. is insured and licensed, and we can assure you that the business we operate is a hundred percent legitimate and bound by the most stringent standards of service providers.

We have the highest level of expertise in our work. We are certified to do the various driveway paving works.

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The first step for achieving efficiency in your project is to choose local-based contractors and service suppliers. Instead of selecting a provider from a different location, you can save a much on transportation by selecting the one closest to you and has the greatest availability in your local community.

Professional and reliable

It is our goal to treat each client we serve with professionalism and honesty. Our team consists of experts in the field of asphalt paving. We will not subcontract your demands to anyone else. The contractors we trust are always reliable and take care of our initiatives from start to the end.


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