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Sep 21

Custom Cooler Bags Are a Great Way to Enhance Your Branding Exposure 

Thermal Bags Have Many Uses

Cooler bags are more flexible than people realize. They are ideal for trips as well as making drinks stay cool during the party However, you could also keep an insulated, custom-made cooler bag in your car to keep frozen food items cool on your way to home from the shop or put it in an bags that are insulated to keep food warm until it is at the table. A cooler bag that is reusable is ideal for bringing a hot or cold food item for a dinner party or an event like a potluck. Our cooler bags made of re-usable material have soft sides, so after cleaning, they are small in size and are easy to store under the seat of your car , or in the pantry or closet when not being used.

Think Small

Large cooler bags certainly can be used and you may require a huge bag with insulation to complete the task however, try thinking about smaller. A lunch bag that is insulated and that is branded with your brand's logo is a useful bag that is guaranteed to be used frequently and is a eco-friendly option than brown bagging lunch. Bags with smaller insulated pockets are perfect for taking drinks or snacks with you on your car journeys. The compact bags will let your customers pack food and snacks, and can place your logo prominently displayed and enhance your brand's recognition when the bag is taken to work and tucked away in the office fridge.

A smaller cooler bag that is sized like a lunch bag is able to be used for a number of days per week, which provides significant exposure for your business. If you feel that a huge custom-designed cooler bag is the best choice for your company, absolutely go for this option, however, you should consider an insulated cooler bag that is smaller in size since this model will meet an need and is guaranteed to receive a great deal of usage. Make sure these are highlighted when you talk to a cooler bag supplier 

Make Your Vision a Reality

In addition to our standard options, we are able to work with you to design an entirely unique cooler bag that can be reused. Pick the handle design the shape and size of the bag as well as the color of the bag as well as the print and the type of closure that you will use to seal the bag. You can add a mesh pocket to the side for water bottles, or an opening on the front to store napkins and utensils if you choose to use aninsulated backpack. We can print on four sides of your cooler bag , helping to spread the message in a loud and clear way. Like most custom cooler bag supplier in Singapore , customized jobs can take 60-90 days to complete and, given the level of customization that is available, this is an excellent bargain.

Let us assist you in creating the most unique of unique cooler bag that will help promote your business. To begin, go to our Aquaholic website - Singapore leading cooler bag supplier to browse through our selection of customized cooler bags that can be reused.



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